Our Process

Sugar Factory

3500 TCD with Back end Sugar Refinery.

The sugar produced by Dhanalakshmi Srinivasan Sugars Ltd is free from Sulphur & it is well received by direct consumes as well the Industrial sector. Sulphur is not being used for Juice Clarification in Dhanalakshmi Srinivasan Sugar Mills ltd as it is being done by most of the sugar mills in India.

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Power Plant

We have 1×23 MW Co-generation Power Plant with 110 Ton / Hr KCP Boiler. We are using different type of Fuels such as Bagasse, Bio-Fuel & Fossil Fuel for (start up only) our Boiler.. Also having pollution control Equipment's like ESP, Back Filter and ETP. We are having a 23 MW extraction cum condensing turbine which was supplied by Shin Nippon Machinery Co., Ltd, Japan.

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We have Installed 60 KLPD Multi-Pressure Vacuum Distillation having the facility to Produce Rectified Spirit / Extra Neutral Alcohol / Ethanol (60 KLPD) along with Spent wash Concentrated Flubex Evaporator and which is supplied by M/s. Praj Industry.

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Our Part to the Farmers

Every year, beneficiary farmers are identified to multiply quality seed material. For this pure, pest, disease free quality Breeder seed cane material is arranged from Sugarcane Breading Institute, Coimbatore by us, and supplied to them at free of cost. Further, Bulk Planting seed material is distributed to the cane growers from the 3-Tier Nursery Planting Programme. Due to severe drought prone situation and labour shortage we are mainly concentrating on laying out Sub-surface Drip Irrigation System combined with Mechanical Cane Harvesting. Dhanalakshmi Srinivasan Sugars Pvt Limited is owning 3 numbers of 4000 series Cane Harvesting Machines along with Cane Harvesters owned by 4 private entrepreneurs. Thus, DS Sugars is encouraging the farmers to plant cane under wider row spaced planting system of 4 feet spacing between the rows.