Farmer P. Thangarasu, Oonathur Kallanatham, Salem.

I am, one of the regular registered cane grower to Dhanalakshmi Srinivasan Sugars. My entire land of 10 acres is cultivated with Sugarcane. By, practicing, wider row system of cane planting with Drip Irrigation System, the cane average yield level is around 60 tonnes/acre and this year I am expecting 65 – 70 tonnes/acre. I am detrashing the crop every year, and the trash is mulched inside without removing it at the age of 6 to 7 months, there-by, avoiding the Inter-node Borer Pest infestation. DS Sugars is playing a major role in harvesting and supplying the cane at right age by arranging cane harvesting laborers from near-by areas and cane transporting vehicles. During severe drought situations DS Sugars support farmers by early harvesting upon our request and there-by reducing severe income loss.

Farmer P. Mayilavan, Malayalapatty, Perambalur.

I own 30 acres of cultivable land, cultivated entirely with Sugarcane. The Cane Department Officials from Dhanalakshmi Srinivasan Sugars, advised me to maintain more number of ratoons (ie) Multiple Ratooning concept to reduce the production cost, and now I am maintaining more than 10 ratoons and re-planting is done only in 10% of the cane cultivable area every year. For this, I will develop my own nursery. Also, supplying cane in both Main and Special crushing seasons- as 60% and 40% cane supply respectively. No Trash burning was recommended by them and am following strictly and incorporating the trash in-situ by mulching it with the help of trash shredders, and thus maintaining 10 ratoons with an average yield of 35 to 40 tonnes/acre.

Farmer A. Thiyayagarajan, Arasadikaadu, Perambalur.

I am very much interested in cultivation than any other work, and having a practice of cultivating multiple crops, with my 10 acres of own land. DS Sugars approached me for cultivating cane in 50% of my lands with sugar cane. DS Sugars have given their guidance to test new varieties in my field to study their yield and quality performances. Out of which, Co 11015, a short duration variety of 10 months age was found to be better and about 4 acres of my cane area is covered with this variety. DS Sugars Cane Department Officials are rendering their full support, through regular field visits and are giving suitable recommendations to improve the cane yields.